How Does The ZEPTO™ Capsulotomy System Improve My Cataract Procedure?

Zepto™ Capsulotomy System

FDA approved Zepto™ Capsulotomy System provides lens capsulotomy during cataract surgery. Zepto™ provides quick, consistent, and high quality automated capsulotomies using a disposable capsulotomy handpiece connected to a control console. Ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Neil Griffin is one of the first in the country to go beyond laser and offer cataract patients state-of-the-art and the groundbreaking technology of the ZEPTO™ Capsulotomy System.


ZEPTO™ offers cataract patients precise, visually centered and stronger capsulotomies in milliseconds.

How does it work?

Zepto™ uses a combination of calibrated suction and a 4-millisecond multipulse energy algorithm to produce high quality capsulotomies. Zepto™ can be used through a 2.2mm incision and integrates seamlessly into the standard cataract surgery routine to enhance surgical efficiency.

Electron microscopic and biomechanical peer-reviewed analysis showed the Zepto™ capsulotomy edge to be significantly stronger than that obtained by manual capsulorhexis or femtosecond laser. Due to its unique design, Zepto™ can be used not only in simple cases of cataract surgery but also in challenging cases.

What are the Benefits?

ZEPTO™ system employs a host of unique features to enhance outcomes in cataract surgery. The precision pulse system creates suction on the capsule such that there is no movement during the 4-msec incision time that provides a uniform capsulotomy.


Griffin Eye Center offers the ZEPTO™ Capsulotomy System for cataract surgery.

ZEPTO™ Handpiece


Griffin Eye Center is one of the first ophthalmic centers in the country to go beyond laser and offer the groundbreaking technology of the ZEPTO™ Capsulotomy System.

The precision pulse capsulotomy device is FDA approved and can be used in both simple and complicated cataract surgery.