Retinal Eye Disease

Genetic Screening for Inherited Retinal Eye Disease

Griffin Eye Center, is proud to announce Dr. Shawn D. Thomas will be offering a free genetic screening for an inherited retinal disease, retinitis pigmentosa with your comprehensive eye exam. There is a new FDA approved treatment LUXTURNA. Luxtuma (voretigene neparvovec-rzyl), is a prescription gene therapy product used for the treatment of patients with inherited retinal disease due to mutations in both copies of the RPE65 gene, which can only be confirmed through genetic testing.

This inherited genetic disease occurs in about 1 of every 4,000 people in the United States. When the trait is dominant, it is more likely to show up when people are in their 40’s. When the trait is recessive, it tends to first appear when people are in their 20’s.

To learn more about this FDA approved release visit http://www.blindness.org/blog/index.php/history-is-made-fda-approves-sparks-vision-restoring-gene-therapy/#more-5317

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