Got Ocular Allergies?

Doctor’s Allergy Formula diagnostic test provides eye care providers a comprehensive system to diagnostically test for allergies that may be the underlying cause of ocular surface disease. This test, helps to characterize, or rule out, ocular allergies when differentiating ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes, ocular allergies and blepharitis which can have similar signs and symptoms. The knowledge obtained from the Doctor’s Allergy Formula test results can help physicians identify the offending allergens and aid in developing a customized treatment protocol.

The FDA-approved in-office Doctor’s Allergy Formula diagnostic test enables eye care practitioners to objectively diagnose and identify the root cause of patient’s ocular allergies. The three-minute ocular allergy diagnostic test utilizes a panel of 60 allergens that are specific to each region of the country and provides results within 10-15 minutes.

Because allergens vary by geography, Doctor’s Allergy Formula engaged leading botanists to develop 39 regionalized, proprietary panels of ocular-specific allergens. Each panel contains the 60 most common allergens endemic to the region.

Some Key Features & Benefits:

  • Regionalized, proprietary panels of ocular-specific allergen
  • FDA Approved
  • No Needles! No Shots!
  • Takes 3 minutes to perform with results in 10-15 minutes

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