Corneal Surgery

Griffin Eye Center Implants Tecnis Symfony Lens

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July of 2016 approved the first intraocular lens (IOL) that provides cataract patients with an extended depth-of-focus, which helps improve their sharpness of vision (visual acuity) at near, intermediate and far distances.

Griffin Eye Center, Leading Ophthalmologist, Neil Griffin, M.D., is one of the first in the Sandhills area to implant the Tecnis Symfony Intraocular Lens for extended range of vision at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital, Rockingham, NC. The Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL provides a new option for cataract patients that may result in better vision across a broader range of distances.

Cataracts are a common eye condition where the natural lens becomes clouded, impairing a patient’s vision. According to the National Eye Institute, more than 20 percent of Americans will have cataracts by the age of 65, and the prevalence increases with age. In cataract surgery, the clouded natural lens is removed and replaced with an IOL.

Traditional monofocal IOLs have been limited to improving distance vision. The Tecnis Symfony IOL improves visual acuity at close, intermediate and far ranges and, therefore, may reduce the need for patients to wear contact lenses or glasses after cataract surgery.

Griffin Eye Center provides state-of-the-art technology and is partnered with FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital and Precision Eye Services.  Today, Griffin Eye Center is one of the first in the Southeast to offer the recent advances in laser cataract surgery to every cataract surgery patient.

Neil Griffin, M.D., is board certified and fellowship trained in cornea and external disease.  To learn more about Griffin Eye Center and the latest surgical eye treatments visit 910-417-3845 or toll free at 888-570-5789.