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Sports Eye Safety

According to American Academy of Ophthalmology April is Sports Eye Safety Month

Each year, an estimated 100,000 people are hurt by sports-related eye injuries. About 13,500 of these injuries result in permanent vision loss. In support of Sports Eye Safety Month this April, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reminds athletes more

Women's Eye Health

April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Prevent Blindness America has designated April as Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month to help educate women about the steps that they must take to help prevent vision loss by making their own eye health a priority. While more

Dry Eye Syndrome

Factors Associated with Dry Eye Syndrome

Factors Associated with Dry Eye Syndrome Several factors can increase your risk of dry eyes. These include: Computer use- When working at a computer or using a smartphone or other portable digital device, we tend to blink our more

Cataract Surgery

Choosing an Intra-Ocular Lens for Cataract Surgery

How Do I know Which Intra-Ocular Lens to Choose for Cataract Surgery? If you are over the age of 65, Medicare will cover most of the cost of basic cataract surgery along with a standard “monofocal” Intra-Ocular Lenses. more

Wavefront-Optiized-LASIK Myrtle Beach

LASIK Myrtle Beach – What is Wavefront-Optimized LASIK?

What is Wavefront-Optimized LASIK? Because no two corneas are alike, we offer our patients Wavefront-Optimized LASIK. With Wavefront-Optimized LASIK, a combination of sophisticated measurements of each individual’s cornea are used to create a unique treatment plan designed to more

Dry Eye Myrtle Beach


Got Dry Eye? The spring months can be especially difficult. For those who are active, dry eyes can be especially troubling in the spring due to excessive exposure to sunlight without the proper eye protection. Continued exposure to more

World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week March 11-17 2018. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage of the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye to carry visual information to the more

Common Symptoms of Cataracts Myrtle Beach

Common Symptoms of Cataracts Myrtle Beach

Over time, cataracts can affect your vision, and may end up limiting your activities and ability to enjoy life. If you think your vision is changing look out for these common symptoms of cataracts. Common Symptoms of Cataracts more

Cataract Surgery Myrtle Beach

Why Have Cataract Surgery?

Why Have Cataract Surgery? Most people put off cataract surgery because they fear the unknown. Many people give up their freedom when there is no need. Eventually, your cataracts can prevent you from reading books, house cleaning, watching television, more

March Workplace Eye Wellness Month

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, each year, nearly 25,000 Americans visit the emergency room due to a workplace eye injury. During Workplace Eye Wellness Month this March, Griffin Eye Center and the American Academy of Ophthalmology more

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