Eye Exam

Why Get your Eyes Dilated at a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Why is it important to get your eyes dilated and have a comprehensive eye exam?
Having your eyes dilated allows your eye care provider to clearly see the back of your eye, the small blood vessels, retina and optic nerve. This examination helps check for and diagnose glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment and macular degeneration. If the tiny blood vessels are leaking in the back of the eye, it could indicate high blood pressure or diabetes. In fact, one of the first symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure is a change in vision and damage to the blood vessels in the back of the eye.

Recommended Examination Frequency For the Adult Patients by the American Optometric Society:

Patient Age Asymptomatic/Low-Risk At Risk
18 through 39 At least every two years At least annually, or as recommended
40 through 64 At least every two years At least annually, or as recommended
65 and older Annually At least annually. or as recommended

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