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Advanced Cataract Surgery Myrtle Beach

Advanced Cataract Surgery in Myrtle Beach

Here are items to consider when choosing an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery.

Check Credentials: The eye doctor you choose should be board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained. This means your doctor has extensive training and skills necessary to perform cataract eye surgery. Also make sure the doctor you choose has no history of malpractice or disciplinary actions.

Practice or Surgeon Specialty: Some eye surgeons focus on certain types of surgery. Ask whether cataract removal surgery is your doctor’s specialty. A specialist is more aware of the latest techniques and methods.

Experience: The more experience a doctor has in removing cataracts, the better prepared he or she is to anticipate and prevent complications. This increases the chances that your surgery will be successful.

Surgery Options: Your cataract surgeon will replace the lens in your eye with an artificial one. There are many types of Intra-Ocular Lenses (IOL). Medicare usually covers the standard Intra-Ocular lens. The advanced cataract Intra-Ocular Lenses can potentially eliminate one’s dependence on glasses for most activities such as driving, working on a computer, or reading a book, rendering a more natural like-vision.

Today you have a variety of advanced cataract IOL options, each having advantages and disadvantages. These include Accommodating IOLs, Multifocal IOLs, Extended Depth of Focus IOLs, Toric for astigmatism and the new Light Adjustable Lens. Which one is best for you depends on the unique characteristics of your eye as well as your individual lifestyle.

So before deciding on a doctor, learn as much as you can about these lens options. An experienced cataract surgeon will perform extensive diagnostic and visual testing to produce the best possible vision. Additional fees may occur for advance testing and will not be covered by most insurance.

Since each patients’ eye is unique, Leading cataract surgeon, Dr. Neil Griffin provides a full range of intraocular lenses with the most advanced surgical technologies to help patients be less dependent on glasses and enjoy visual freedom. He is currently the first and only ophthalmologist in the region to offer all four types of advanced cataract surgery lens: the extended depth of focus, multi-focal and toric lenses for astigmatism such as Technis Eyhance® and the new RXSight® Light Adjustable Lens.

Dr. Griffin is one of the leading ophthalmologists in the area and specializes in Cataract and LASIK surgery. He is committed to providing world class surgical technology and the most advanced vision diagnostics to the South Carolina area. Griffin Eye Center offers the latest in cataract surgery with the most advanced Intra-Ocular lenses on the market today.

Visit to learn more about which advanced technology lenses or find out if LASIK and/or another option of Laser Vision Correction is right for you. To schedule a cataract or LASIK consultation call 843-449-6414 or visit