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Griffin Eye Center Affiliate Includes:

  • Optimal co-management for LASIK and cataract.
  • LASIK pre and post op care advantages- Affiliate fees collected the same day of procedure and dispersed that day to your office.
  • Patient Loyalty Program- After Laser Vision Correction patient will need documented proof of an annual comprehensive eye exam by a Griffin Eye Center affiliate optometrist.
  • Can offer your patient LASIK discounts and Laser Vision Correction screenings.
  • A Link on the Griffin Eye Center Website as a partnering optometrist which gives additional SEO to your website and/or Facebook page.

“Partnering Optometrist work with Griffin Eye Center because of our strong track record of experience and patient satisfaction” -Neil Griffin, M.D.

Interested in being one of our affiliates? Contact Abbie Prevatt, Practice Administrator at aprevatt@griffineyecenter

Since each patients’ eye is unique Dr. Griffin provides a full range of intraocular lenses with the most advanced surgical technologies to help patients be less dependent on glasses and enjoy visual freedom. He is currently the first and only ophthalmologist in the region to offer 4 types of advanced cataract surgery lenses; the extended depth of focus lens, multi-focal, Toric options such as Eyhance®, and the new RXSight® Light Adjustable Lens.

The Tecnis Synergy IOL combines the best of extended depth of focus and multifocal technologies to deliver the widest range of continuous vision with the best near vision among leading IOLs, without the visual gaps caused by existing trifocal technology.

AcrySof IQ Vivity uses a non-diffractive design called X-WAVE technology and provides an extended range of vision.

Video for Optometrists

LASIK Surgery

PanOptix MOA Video for Optometrists

RXSight Light Adjustable Lens

Optometrist who chose the Light Adjustable Lens.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Light Adjustable Lens:

How many adjustments are allowed and over what time period?

Patient can have first adjustments 17 days after surgery. Adjustments are separated by 2-3 days. The patient usually has 3 adjustments and then lock in. Patients might have up to 5 adjustments. Adjustments are limited by availability of unpolymerized macromers.

At what point is the RXSight LAL sealed where no more changes are allowed?  

After the lock in no more adjustments can be made.

How does the cost compare to a multifocal? 

Cost is the similar with the price of a multifocal.

Is the patient released to us before, during or after the adjustments? 

As of today we release the patient to you after the adjustments.

Laser Vision Correction options for your patients:

Your Patients will receive the latest and most advanced technology with the WaveLight 500 Excimer laser, the newest FDA Approved technology in combination with the VisuMax laser. This Combination is the first unique combination in South Carolina and allows us to provide your patients with the best possible Vision.

WaveLight 500 Excimer laser

VisuMax Laser

We also provide the option of Contoura Vision which is laser vision correction that uses some of today’s most advanced mapping technologies to create a highly personal treatment for your patients eyes.


Another advancement in laser vision correction is SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction). Smile provides laser like outcomes in a minimally invasive procedure.


Cataract Surgery Advanced Surgery Options:

Griffin Eye Center offers your patients Advanced Cataract Surgery. This procedure includes the ZEPTO Capulotomy System which offers a precise, visually centered and stronger Capsulotomies in milliseconds.



Advanced Cataract Lenses