Griffin Eye Center First in Area to offer Vivity®

Ophthalmic Surgeon Neil B. Griffin, M.D., is the first in the Myrtle Beach, SC area to offer the new FDA approved Alcon’s AcrySof® IQ Vivity® extended range of vision Intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract surgery.

The new Vivity Lens novel X-Wave technology is different from the technologies used by all other IOLs in the market. The X-Wave technology creates an extended focal range by stretching and shifting the wavefront, as opposed to splitting the wavefront into multiple focal points as diffractive multifocal lenses do.

By using all available light, this IOL maintains the same vision quality as a monofocal IOL. The Vivity lens offers excellent distance vision, intermediate sharp vision for active lifestyles, and good quality vision for close-up daily activities. The Vivity is a cutting-edge new advancement, and an important addition to the Griffin Eye Center portfolio of highly advanced cataract lenses and surgical technologies.

Since each patients’ eye is unique Dr. Griffin provides a full range of intraocular lenses with the most advanced surgical technologies to help patients be less dependent on glasses and enjoy visual freedom. He is currently the first and only ophthalmologist in the Myrtle Beach area to offer all three cutting edge lenses, Alcon’s PanOptix® Trifocal Lens, Vivity® extended range of vision lens and the new RXSight® Light Adjustable Lens.

Dr. Griffin is one of the leading ophthalmologists in the area and specializes in Cataract and LASIK surgery.  He is committed to providing world class surgical technology and the most advanced vision diagnostics to the South Carolina area. Griffin Eye Center offers the latest in cataract surgery with the most advanced Intra-Ocular lenses. We are the first in the US to offer the FDA approved Zepto® Capsulotomy System and continue to be on the forefront with the most advanced lasers for LASIK surgery and offer more options for Laser Vision Correction.

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