LASIK Procedure Checklist

Your LASIK Consultation Checklist:

I have independently researched the LASIK procedure and other laser vision correction procedures.

I have taken the time to think through whether vision correction surgery is a good option for my vision and lifestyle.

What to Look for in a LASIK Surgeon:

I have selected a qualified surgeon who is:

A board-certified ophthalmologist

Has performed more than 1,000 procedures

My surgeon’s practice suits me and has provided the support I need to make an informed decision such as:

Providing me with patient references if I ask for them.

Giving me informational materials to read and understand.

Answering my questions freely and thoroughly.

My choice of a LASIK practice or surgeon is determined by my confidence in his skills and qualifications, not by the price of my procedure.

I know I am a good candidate for LASIK because I have:

Shared my complete health history, including any medications and medical conditions.

My vision prescription has been stable for at least 12 months.

After a thorough evaluation of my vision and eye health, my surgeon confirms I am a good candidate for LASIK or other laser vision correction procedures.

I’ve talked through any concerns or questions I have about the procedure and discussed the risks and benefits of the surgery.

I know what to expect of the surgery, the post-operative healing process, and the outcome based upon conversations with my surgeon.

Discussed factors that may impact the outcome of my procedure.

Thoroughly reviewed the materials provided to me by my surgeon/practice to help me make an informed decision.

LASIK Consultation Checklist provided by American Refractive Surgeons March 29, 2021

Leading ophthalmologist, Neil B. Griffin, M.D., is board certified and fellowship trained and uses the latest and most advanced lasers for Laser Vision Correction. We are the only center who has an on-site LASIK Suite in the region! Griffin Eye Center is the first in South Carolina to offer the latest advancements of using the combination of the Wavelight® EX500 excimer laser and the VisuMax® laser. The laser speed and accuracy allow Dr. Griffin the ability to expand treatment capabilities, enhancements of current treatments, broaden range of correction and outcomes for our patients seeking LASIK surgery in Myrtle Beach, South and North Carolina area.

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