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How does LASIK Work 2022?

How does LASIK work? LASIK is like sculpting the power of a contact lens onto the surface of your eye. Your vision becomes focused and clear as though you are wearing contacts and often even more clear.  The clear and crisp vision is without the nuisance of putting in and taking out the contacts every […]

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Vision Correction for Your Lifestyle?

An annual eye exam is a wonderful opportunity to talk with your eye doctor about LASIK, as well as other vision correction options. It can be hard to disrupt your schedule with an appointment to see your eye doctor. But annual eye exams are especially important if you are one of the millions of people who require […]

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Are you a candidate for LASIK?

An important deciding factor in choosing laser vision correction is the surgeon’s recommendation, which is based on whether a patient is a good LASIK candidate, because not everyone who wants a procedure should have it. In fact, on average between 15 and 20 percent of patients are ineligible for a procedure like LASIK. While every […]

Astigmatism and LASIK Surgery

What is Astigmatism? Simply speaking, it is an abnormally shaped curve in one or more structures of the eye that impacts its ability to focus. A good illustration is this: an eye without astigmatism is round like a basketball with symmetrical curves in all directions; an eye with astigmatism is shaped like a football, with […]

LASIK is a Procedure you can Trust

If you wear glasses or contacts in order to have the vision you need to function in life, at some point you have probably wondered about LASIK vision correction. The laser vision correction option is an excellent alternative that delivers great vision that is always immediately available, from the moment you wake up to the […]

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When to have Cataract Surgery

The most obvious way to determine if the eyes may be affected by cataracts is cloudy, blurry and/or more dim vision that progressively gets worse over time.  As the cataract worsen, they can make daily activities, such as driving, going to work, or enjoying lifestyle activities such as golf, reading less safe or convenient than […]

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Choosing a LASIK Surgeon in Myrtle Beach

Here are a few suggestions for choosing a LASIK Surgeon from the Refractive Surgery Council: Be comfortable with your surgeon. He or she should answer all your questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. The point is to help you make an informed decision. The discussion should cover the risks and benefits of any laser vision correction procedure. […]

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Cataract Surgery in Myrtle Beach

I am a 70-year-old man that has worn glasses since the age of forty. I had my cataracts removed and Synergy lenses put in both eyes, one week apart at Griffin Eye Center. After the first eye surgery was finished, I had 20/20 vision in that eye. I was so ready to get the second […]

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Advanced Cataract Surgery Myrtle Beach

Advanced Cataract Surgery in Myrtle Beach Here are items to consider when choosing an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery. Check Credentials: The eye doctor you choose should be board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained. This means your doctor has extensive training and skills necessary to perform cataract eye surgery. Also make sure the doctor you choose […]

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LASIK Surgery Myrtle Beach Questions

Your LASIK consultation is meant for answering your questions. Here are a few questions and answers from the Refractive Surgery Council: Q: What is LASIK post-operative recovery like? A: For most patients, LASIK recovery is fast, and you will be able to resume most of your normal activities within a day or two. You will […]