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cataract awareness

Why I Chose Griffin Eye Center Myrtle Beach for Cataract Surgery

I was recently diagnosed with cataracts, and I knew two things for sure based on my 20+ year career in Ophthalmology, along with being privy to hundreds of positive patient and family reviews. I was going to get a “PanOptix Multifocal lens” implant and Dr. Neil Griffin was going to be my cataract surgeon. Sounded […]

How does Cataract Affect Your Vision

How does Cataract Affect Your Vision?

Over time, cataracts can affect your vision, and may end up limiting your activities and ability to enjoy life. If you think your vision is changing look out for these common symptoms and/or signs of cataracts. Common Symptoms of Cataracts Blurred Vision- Can happen with objects close-up or at a distance. Seeing Halos around Lights- […]