cataract surgery

When to have Cataract Surgery

The most obvious way to determine if the eyes may be affected by cataracts is cloudy, blurry and/or more dim vision that progressively gets worse over time.  As the cataract worsen, they can make daily activities, such as driving, going to work, or enjoying lifestyle activities such as golf, reading less safe or convenient than before.

Does a cataract have to be ripe?

A cataract does not have to become “ripe” before it can be removed. In the past, the lens could not be extracted safely from the eye unless it was at a relatively advanced stage of development. With modern advances in cataract surgery, the lens can now be removed from the eye at any stage of development.

Is it better to have cataract surgery early?

Cataracts may become more difficult to be removed once they become mature. Therefore, many doctors advise patients to have surgery earlier or as soon as your vision is affecting your everyday lifestyle.

How do you know when cataracts are ready?

Glare from lights making driving more uncomfortable, the need for brighter lights to read, and a general feeling that your vision “is just not as good as it used to be”, are all signs that your natural lenses may be losing their clarity and the beginnings of cataracts.

If you think you have the start of cataracts it is important to see your ophthalmologist or optometrist as soon as possible.

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